Vodka Xanax Hang Tight Towel by Twisted Wares - why not envy me boutique

Vodka Xanax Hang Tight Towel by Twisted Wares

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  • Hang them over anything you want to secure them to and secure through loop. They HANG TIGHT! You not only have a towel that stays in place, but one that looks amazing in your home.
  • Don't want to secure it, but just hang it on a hook? Sure, the loop works on anything! Perfect for the Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room, or anywhere you may need a towel handy. The options are endless. Use as you would any towel but if you want it to stay where you put it, it will.
  • All Twisted WaresTM towels are made with the highest quality of Flour Sack (there is difference), and it is hemmed on ALL FOUR SIDES. They are generous in size and measure approx. 28"x29" and are lint free. If you have not used a flour sack towel before, now is the time. You will be in love!
  • ** Washing Instructions "" Wash in cold water with like colors. Treat it just like any other towel around the house, but cold is best for long lasting beauty. All prints are made with a commercial grade heat press and/or screen printing so they will last and last.