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Envy Cork Wall/ Shelf Art

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Envy was their baby. From the very first day Brad and Effie opened their first bottle of wine to the evening right before the fire, they cherished everything and everyone. They made so many memories and so many friends it was too numerous to count. However Effie did capture it with corks. From the very first day Effie kept and brought home every cork they ever had for Years. She said that she was keeping them for a special reason and Brad just laughed and thought that reason was to just drive him crazy.

But she finally found their purpose. Effie created these Envy Memory hearts. Measuring approximately 11”. She crafted these hearts with the corks that she’s collected over the years. From all of envy‘s wine dinners, to signed corks from all of their wine makers to special occasions where they toasted all of the accomplishments and blessings.

For a Donation of $50, We will set aside one of these memory hearts for you to be picked up at their rebuild fundraising event on April 6th.