Scarves: The Summer Essential

Hello To My Beautiful Envies!
Summer is now in full swing and the latest trend that is showing up everywhere is the scarf.  From being worn as a sleek beach wrap to a breezy summer vest, there are literally hundreds of ways you can tie these little gems into some fabulous fashion pieces. These looks are not only super cute but a cost effective way to update your wardrobe while still maintaining your pocket book! However, time and time again, our customers tell us that they are intimidated by the whole "tying" process.  While I agree this can look like an intricate art foam only the pros should attempt, it is actually fun very easy to do!
I have come a crossed some great YouTube video tutorials that I wanted to share.  These awesome videos will help you master this summer look for yourself or you can always stop by the shop and we can teach you some other fun ways to add to your arsenal of ENVY!

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  • Bradley Stees